Excellence in the Practice of Law

Metz Law Group, PLLC is a firm of legal professionals dedicated to achieving justice for our clients and for the public. We employ zealous advocacy and innovative thinking to achieve court victories and settlements that vindicate the rights of our clients. We have fought and won many battles for investors, consumers, workers, and the victims of fraud and unfair business practices. While vigorously representing our clients, we treat our co-counsel, our adversaries, and the court with respect.

Metz Law Group focuses on personal injury, immigration,
wage claims, breach of contract and class actions

Metz Law Group attorneys represent individuals who have been seriously harmed in accidents as a result of negligent conduct, people who have not been paid the wages or other funds owing to them, and people needing assistance with immigration law. Their dedicated work has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars, often recovering amounts far above insurance company offers. Their work has also identified and corrected dangerous practices and products that put the public at risk. The firm’s immigration practice has secured the right to work in the United States for hundreds of people. Their victories in court and successful settlements allow them to have an expansive and loyal client base in the Seattle area and internationally.

Some of our core practice areas:

Personal injury

Metz Law Group represents individuals who have been seriously harmed in accidents as a result of negligent conduct. The Metz Law Group has recovered …

Immigration law

Large Group of People, Big Family
Metz Law Group helps individuals obtain legal status in the U.S. The Metz Law Group provides a broad range of immigration legal services …

Business litigation

Breach of contract, fraud, or other violation of law can cause significant financial losses. The Metz Law Group recovers damages caused by fraud …